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The team at Sunstone Wealth Strategies utilizes a process that allows them to offer clients industry-leading products, backed by some of the largest companies in the country. Their planning process for wealth management allows them to help clients completely understand their financial situation and develop an effective approach designed to help maximize their financial potential.

Through a holistic approach combining education, analysis, and planning, a personal program is developed to help clients understand how they can meet and exceed their financial goals, leveraging all aspects of their financial situation.

They follow a 4-step process that allows them to holistically address a client’s individual financial objectives and how to pursue them.


First, the team at Sunstone Wealth Strategies meets with clients to discuss the financial review process. At this meeting, they provide clients with a "Confidential Questionnaire" to complete, which is the first official step in the process. This questionnaire is designed to be easy and quick to complete. The completed questionnaire, along with associated financial documents, will assist in the next steps and meetings. 


Using the information form the learning phase, our financial professionals will present the results of analysis (using state-of-the-art technology) that will map the client's financial future for growth and protection services. During this meeting, they will discuss the client's present financial situation, as well as future goals. 

From the results of the model and previous discussions, our team will determine any areas that can be improved and begin implementing the strategies.


After we have the basics done, our team will move forward and start talking about more advanced wealth strategies so you can prepare for all the milestones in your future.


Finally, our financial professionals at Sunstone Wealth Strategies will create a Living Balance Sheet® that allows them to regularly monitor the plan. They will meet with clients on a regular basis to review and modify the plan when necessary to reflect any changes in the client's financial status and recommend implementation of changes when necessary. 

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