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Business Services

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Sunstone Wealth Strategies provides comprehensive financial planning services to small business owners, many of whom are in the medical industry. Our team is focused on assisting small business owners with a wide range of services, from determining appropriate 401(k) plans to life and disability insurance. We specialize in designing and customizing retirement plans and disability insurance programs. Working with small business owners in the greater Metro West and Boston areas, Sunstone Wealth Strategies seek to provide advice and guidance on the many financial complexities of running and owning a business.

Employee Benefits

Providing an employee benefits package that includes quality, affordable healthcare coverage continues to be one of the greatest challenges for today's employers. The team at Sunstone Wealth Strategies put their considerable experience in this field to work on delivering alternatives to their clients. They evaluate the design of different benefits packages to achieve the best pricing structure and advice on implementing such options as cafeteria plans that allow for employee cost-sharing through tax deductible contributions. Additionally, they administer the benefits program, assisting employers with the claims filing procedure.

Retirement Planning

Many small business owners want to offer their employees a retirement plan but aren’t sure where to start. Because the business owner is responsible for choosing the company retirement plan’s advisors, selecting an advisor for the plan is a critical decision to be made. Specializing in retirement planning strategies, our goal is to help determine plans that will benefit the business owner. We can assist clients with determining appropriate 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plans, as well as profit sharing plans; cash balance plans; Roth, SIMPLE, and SEP IRAs; pension plans; and ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plans).

Disability Insurance

Not all business owners are as familiar with disability insurance as they are with life insurance. If the business owner or an employee became disabled, disability insurance may protect a small business owner from having to dip into his own savings or retirement assets. Specializing in disability programs, the team at Sunstone Wealth Strategies can help a small business owner determine an appropriate disability insurance program and demystify policy details or concerns regarding a policy’s benefits and premiums.

Succession Planning

A goal of many business owners is to someday transfer their business interest to either family members or key employees. Properly done, this type of planning can offer to both the current and successor owner a more confident, tax efficient method of business succession. Furthermore, the loss of a business owner through death or disability can catch even the most efficiently managed small companies off guard and, worse, unprepared to deal with the repercussions. Family businesses, in particular, are susceptible to erosion of capital due to estate taxes and legal fees; not to mention the possible hurdles of voting control being scattered among heirs, with conflicting points of view impeding the business' operation and growth.

A Buy-Sell Agreement is a written agreement made between the partner or shareholders of the business specifying buy out provisions. The execution of this type of agreement secures a number of very tangible benefits for the shareholders, including:

  • Continuity of management and control for the remaining owners.
  • A ready market for typically non-marketable business interests.
  • Liquidity to the decedent's estate for estate taxes and administration costs.
  • A fair valuation of the business interest for federal estate tax purposes.
  • A fair return to the decedent's estate for his/her business interests.

Sunstone Wealth Strategies can provide a professional evaluation of a client’s current situation that will help avoid future problems involved in business succession planning.

Risk Management Analysis

Implementing a risk management program is fundamental to a company's ability to protect itself against the loss of key personnel through death or disabling injury or sickness. The team at Sunstone Wealth Strategies offer knowledge for selecting life and disability insurance coverage for such a program. They conduct a financial protection analysis to determine the appropriate protection for companies and their key executives, which encompasses evaluating risk management needs and balancing them with living or wealth accumulation objectives. They help design risk management programs to be affordable, fill corporate and individual needs, and offer enough flexibility to allow for a change as needed. Their analysis also involves a review of any existing coverage to ensure it is cost effective and includes up-to-date features. Through risk management analysis, they can deliver solutions in the form of policies valued and designed according to their clients' needs.