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Frequently Asked Questions

At Sunstone Wealth Strategies, our experience, knowledge and hands-on approach will provide you and your family with access to a team who will help you reach and maintain your financial goals. Let's start by answering some questions and comments that you may already have:

I always say that I am going to start putting money away for my retirement and never seem to have the extra money to do it.

We use a holistic approach, which is designed to help our clients build wealth effectively and efficiently. 

If I already worked with another investment professional, why should I meet with you?

While we acknowledge that there are great specialists out there, they may not offer the complete service that we do here at Sunstone Wealth Strategies. Not only do we have the skills for unique parts of your plan but we take it a step further by putting it all together and ultimately bringing life to your plan.  Like a game of chess, we focus on how the strategies you already have and are available to you can be coordinated and integrated in a way that brings life to your plan. 

How do you differ from some other financial professionals?

Most financial plans are only concerned with dollars and cents. We realize that this is only one aspect of comprehensive planning. We take the one dimensional process of deciding where to put your money further and show you how you can use it. Sunstone Wealth Strategies is here to show you the endless possibilities you didn't know about. 

What are the types of things you will do during the process?

We evaluate all aspects of your financial world including housing, food, lifestyle, education and retirement goals; the objective is to build wealth with money you already have and will receive over your lifetime. By first listening, we are able to then assemble written strategies and alternatives in a simple, comprehensive manner. Most importantly, we are proficient in the follow-ups; our team is readily available to communicate with you and answer any questions you may have to ensure that you are well-informed and updated. Please check out a full description of our process here.

During the process, I will be recommended certain plans and strategies. What questions will be answered during this process?

  • What is the true cost of my current plan?
  • Given my current planning, am I betting my results on the idea that taxes will be lower in the future than they are today?
  • Will I be in the lowest tax bracket when I retire?
  • How does all this fit together and is it working to meet my future retirement goals?
  • Why has no one pointed this out to me before?