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About the Sunstone Crystal

Legendary Vikings journeyed to the farthest edges of the world, relying on proven principles of navigation and exploration. They used crystals just like this to locate locate the sun on the cloudiest of days, charting paths to parts unknown. This calcite, called "Icelandic spar," depolarizes natural light passing through. The viability of the mineral was further enhanced during those times when clouds used to be distinctly murky and blocked the sunlight.

The process of pinpointing the location while at sea with the usage of calcite is ingenious:

  • First, a spot was marked on the top surface of the sunstone.
  • When viewed from the bottom surface of the mineral, a reflection of the spot is created automatically on the top of the surface.
  • In order to pinpoint the desired location, the mineral was rotated in such a way that the spot and its reflection match each other's light saturation. This similarity in the saturation helped the Vikings to navigate at sea with a very high rate of accuracy.

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